List of Members Research Activities Summary of Report
Centre Name: Centre for Media and Communication Research
Chairperson: Dr Sharon Jacqueline a/p Albert Wilson (UTAR profile)
Description of Centre: The Centre for Media and Communications Research aims:
  • To be the referral center that serves as a telescope on media and society and bringing the attitudes and behaviour into clearer focus while promoting its role in new media pedagogy and innovative media solutions.
  • To increase coverage of vital issues and help establish the need for open access to information especially through digital technologies.
  • To explore areas of expertise by theoretical observations, methods and issues central to knowledge in the field through high impact projects.
  • To create an area of study and academic discussion through specific programs to conduct academic research across disciplines, institutions and communities
  • Engage in collaborative links with other institutions of higher learning and research agencies locally and globally.
Research area:
  • Media Literacy
  • Media Effects & Perception Studies
  • Media Technology and Content
  • Media Representation