List of Members Research Activities Summary of Report
Centre Name: Centre for Cyber Security
Chairperson: Centre for Cyber security (UTAR profile)
Description of Centre: Centre for Cyber Security (CCS) was founded by Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKCFES), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) in January 2016. This centre aims to attract significant external research grants and encourage multidisciplinary collaborations. Besides, CCS was formed to demonstrate national leadership and international recognition for excellence in the area of cyber security. The goal of CCS is to become a recognized centre of excellence for the field of cyber security internationally. To promote and lead research and development, technology transfer and training of experts in the area related to cyber security to enhance competitiveness of local industries in global market through the collaborations among the members and external parties
Research area:
  • Cryptography
    • Design of various cryptographic primitives such as ring signature scheme and lightweight encryption scheme which can be used in latest technologies such as IoT devices and Blockchain Technology.
    • Derive a complete security analysis of the constructed cryptographic primitives by investigating on new hard problems and quantum resistance hard problems. 
    • Incorporate new knowledge from data science and statistical models to derive cryptanalysis related techniques.
  • High speed realization of cryptographic primitive
    • Perform high speed implementation of cryptographic primitives on different platforms such as GPU, CPU, microcontroller, etc.
  • AI Security
    • Apply various machine learning algorithms for different types of attack classifications and for black-box attacks, which gives impact to security related issues.