List of Members Research Activities Summary of Report
Centre Name: Centre for Communication Systems and Networks
Chairperson: Prof. Ts. Dr. Lim Eng Hock (UTAR profile)
Description of Centre: The telecommunication industry is experiencing tremendous revolution. Improvements for fixed wired and wireless communications are continually innovated to fulfill current and future communication needs. The industry is challenged to provide more mobility, multimedia support and quality assurance. In order to address the needs of the envisioned interconnected world, research and development in communication systems and networks are intensively pursued. The Centre for Communication Systems and Networks is established to spearhead research and innovation work in broadband network technologies, wireless networking systems, communication theory and applications and Applied Electromagnetics.
Research area:
Group 1: Broadband Network Technologies and Management
  • Transmission Systems and Signaling in Modern Networks 
  • Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing
  • Intelligent Networks (IN)
  • Network Management & Telecommunications Software
  • Advanced Switching in PSTN
  • Telemedicine
Group 2: Wired and Wireless Internetworking Systems
  • Mobility Management and Resource Allocation
  • Data Communication Protocols for LAN, MAN and WAN
  • Communication System and Network Design
  • Network Security and Encryption
  • Network Interfaces
  • Automated Systems based on Multimedia Communications  
  • Convergence of cellular and data wireless networks
  • Multimedia Information Encoding and Data Compression
Group 3: Communication Theory & Applications
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Spread Spectrum Technologies, MIMO, OFDM
  • Detection, Estimation and Information Theory
  • Efficient Channel Coding and Modulation Schemes
  • Synchronisation & Statistical Theory of Communication
  • Digital Signal Processing and Adaptive Equalization • Cell Planning
Group 4: Radio Science and Technologies
  • Satellite Communication Subsystems and Network Design
  • Radar and Navigational Systems
  • Microwave Remote Sensing
  • Microwave/RF Components and Circuits
  • Beam-forming and Antenna Engineering
  • EM Wave Propagation Modeling, Prediction and System Design
  • Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility