List of Members Research Activities Summary of Report
Centre Name: Centre for Chinese Studies 中华研究中心
Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wong Wun Bin 黄文斌副教授 (UTAR profile)
Description of Centre:
Chinese culture has its great breadth and depth in the wisdom and experience accumulated in China for thousands of years. Chinese studies that is established as an academic discipline as a result covers philosophy, history, language, literature, science, art and other related fields. In multiethnic Malaysia, Chinese studies for adaptation and survival takes on a significant aspect of research on the Chinese and their culture across ethnicities. With globalization and the rapid growth of China in its transition, China’s current politics, economics, culture and education are also of research interest internationally. In the age of complexity and speed in change, the Centre for Chinese Studies was set up in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman for members who would like to delve into traditional Chinese culture, the local Chinese, and contemporary China. Besides academic research, the centre assumes the roles of promoting Chinese culture and arts, infusing the local and the innovative, and engaging international exchange.

中华文化博大精深,它包含了中华民族数千年来累积的智慧 与经验,而作为学术范畴的中华研究,涵盖了中国哲学、历 史、语文、文学、科学、艺术等学科。然而,为了适应与生 存,处在一个多元族群国家的马来西亚,华人及跨族群文化 研究亦必然成为中华研究的重点之一。与此同时,全球化为 当前国际发展的大趋势,中国也正处于高速转型时期,是故 当代中国的政经文教也是全球瞩目的研究课题。在面对错综 复杂与迅速变迁的时代,拉曼大学成立了中华研究中心,有 志于从事传统中华文化、马来西亚华人各领域及当代中国之 研究。除了学术研究外,中华研究中心也肩负推广与弘扬中 华文化与艺术、融入本土与创新及与国际接轨之角色。
Research area:
  • Malaysian Chinese and Cultural Studies
  • Modern Chinese Literature Studies
  • Sinology
  • Contemporary China Studies
  • Min-nan Cultural Studies 
  • Chinese Art Research 
  • 马来西亚华人及文化研究 
  • 现代华文文学研究 
  • 汉学研究 
  • 当代中国研究
  • 闽南文化研究
  • 中华艺术研究