List of Members Research Activities Summary of Report
Centre Name: Centre for IoT & Big Data
Chairperson: Dr. Ng Hui Fuang (UTAR profile)
Description of Centre: Centre for IoT & Big Data (CIoTBD) aims to provide a focal point of contact for management, cooperation and coordination among UTAR staffs and external parties that seek R&D collaboration and consultancy. The vision of this centre is to become a national and regional centre of excellence in the research areas of technologies especially in Internet of things and big data.
Research area:
The centre has research projects on the following areas of interest:
  • Internet of Things & Data Analytics
    • Industrial Internet-of-Things
    • Data Analytics for Tourism and Logistics
    • IoT for Precision Agriculture
    • Data Analytics for Business and Finance
  • Computer Vision & Machine Learning
    • Image and Video Analysis
    • Video Surveillance
    • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    • Machine Automation Through Machine Vision and Learning
  • Software, Systems, and Humans
    • Software & Information Systems
    • Human Factor in IoT
    • Social Networks
    • Cybersecurity 
  • Computing in Healthcare
    • Predictive algorithm in Biomedical Imaging and Healthcare
    • Medical Imaging Equipment and Tools
    • 3D Modeling and Printing
    • Image and Signal Processing for Healthcare