112 July 2021Title: Webinar - Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired Persons Using UHF RFID Technology (Prof Wai Wa Choi, University of Macau)

12 July 2021Webinar - Compact UHF RFID Reader Design with End-Fire Antenna (Prof Kam Weng Tam, University of Macau)

319 Aug 2021Webinar - Present, Challenges & Future Outlook of RFID Technilogy (Prof. Dr Widad Ismail, Universiti Sains Malaysia)

20 Aug 2021Webinar - Dispersion Engineered Wideband Low Profile Metasurface Antennas (Dr Wei Liu, National University of Singapore (NUS))

524 Nov 2021Webinar - Recent Progress in Wideband MIMO Antenna Array for 5G Smartphone Applications Operarting in NR Band n77/n78/n79 and NR-U Band n46/n96 (Prof. Dr Chow Yen Desmond Sim, Feng Chia University, Taiwan)

625 Nov 2021Webinar - RFID Use Cases in IoT (Assoc. Prof. Dr Rozeha A. Rashid, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)