16 March 2021Public Lecture: Calligraphy of the land and landscape cities: of art, architecture & education, for joy & love
By Ar Chew Weng Huat, Singapore
215 March 2021Webinar: Overview of Green Building in Malaysia and China
Panel of speakers from Malaysia and China
321 March 21Public Lecture: Application potentials of bamboo in architecture & design
By En Rahim Md. Zin
423 - 25 March 2021Webinar: Importance of Asian architecture to local socio-economic development
By a panel of invited speakers from Malaysia and Indonesia
530 March 2021Public Lecture: How Covid-19 shape architecture
By Nyoman Gede Maha Putra St., Indonesia
610 April 2021Public Lecture: Adaptive reuse of heritage
By Ar Hau Woon San
719 June 2021Public Lecture: Meditation on creativity: a journey of the mind
By ArChoo Meng Foo, Singapore
814 August 2021Connecting the present with the pasts and the future: reminiscent of Xin Tian Di Plaza and Platinum Tower projects in Shanghai, China
By Ar Daniel Mei, Singapore
927 October 201Rethinking architectural design in the post-Covid-19 Era
By Ar Lilian Tay, UTAR IAP
10Oct - Dec 2021Organizer (Malaysian level)
2021 Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) International Bamboo Design and Construction Competition)