17 January 2021 Talk Series Title: Moving towards a resilient and sustainable food security Presenters: 1. Professor Datin Paduka Dr Fatimah Mohamed Arshad 2. Dr. Larry C.Y. Wong
28 March 2021Talk Series Title: "Necessity is the mother of invention." Plato. Presenter: Dr. Peter Thong
322 March 2021Talk Series Title: Life in the Investment Industry (Asset Management): World Economy and Market Outlook Presenter: Mr. Edwin Lee Wai Kidd
423 April 2021Talk Series Title: Digital Economy and Design Thinking in support of Post-COVID19 Recovery Efforts Presenter: Prof. Ts. Dr. Murali Raman
528 April 2021Talk Series Title: Impactful Research on Sustainable Business: Design Thinking Paradigm Presenter: Prof. Dr. Sofri Yahya
68 May 2021Talk Series Title: 3+1 R Presenter: Mr. Edwin Lee
720 May 2021Talk Series Title: Future Proofing our Graduates/Programs for 10-10 MySTIE 2030 Presenter: Dr. Zainal Ahmad
817 July 2021Talk Series Title: 3+1 R 2.0 Presenter: Mr. Edwin Lee
97 August 2021Talk Series Title: The Awakening of the Dragon Presenter: Mr. Edwin Lee
1013 August 2021Talk Series Title: Cultural Diversity & Communication in Organizations Presenter: Mr. Lim Chee Gay
1124 August 2021   Talk Series Title: SMEs Business Sustainability during Global Pandemic Presenter: Dr. Voon Yuen Hoong    
12 26 August 2021    Talk Series Title: Fundamental Analysis Methods Adopted by Fund Managers Presenter: Mr. Yeong Keat Seong    
13 30 August 2021    Talk Series Title: Tips to Develop Effective & Impactful Case Studies Presenter: Prof. Dr. Dileep Kumar M.    
14 2 September 2021    Talk Series Title: I, Save in Private Retirement Schemes (PRS): The #YOLO Style Presenter: Mohamed Farith Mohamed Jamal    
15 29 October 2021    Talk Series Title: Sustainability of Businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic Presenter: Mr. Karthigayan Supramaniam    
16 5 November 2021    Talk Series Title: Start with Estate Planning, End with Wealth Planning Presenter: Mr Billy Yong    
17 3 December 2021    Talk Series Title: The Principal Impact of the 2022 Malaysian Budget Proposal Presenter: Mr Yap Wai Onn