Dr. Bernard Saw Lip Huat

Investigation of flow maldistribution and mitigation in lancet fin cold plate

Dr. Goh Wei Lim

Genetic resources of house-farmed white-nest swiftlets (Aves; Apodidae) in Malaysia

Dr. Sin Jin Chung

Design and synthesis of bismuth oxybromide (BiOBr)-based Nanocomposites as High Activity Visible Light Driven Photocatalysts

Ms. Koay Ying Yin

Constructing a Malaysian wellbeing index as a comprehensive measurement for economic performance and social progress

Ms. Manmeet Kaur

Students' perceptions of the effectiveness of multimedia computer-based instruction in the learning English syntax

Dr. Ong Hooi Tin

Attenuated oncolytic measles virus as cancer therapeutic in chemo- and radio-resistant human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells