V21000 - Travel and Transportation

This is solely on travelling incurred related to research activities (e.g. trip for sample collection, sample analysis, survey etc.)
for a particular research project, within the duration of the research project. 

 The lodging expenses, subsistence allowance and the mileage rate
 is according to the Funding Body Guidelines or as specified under the 
UTAR Division of Human Resource Policies and Regulations, where applicable.

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Prior Trip Only require submitting the application once, budgeting for the whole year.

If an advance is required, please submit below form at least 17 days prior to the trip. 
FM-IPSR-R&D-011 Application Form for Trip Expenses

The advance request is only applicable for the airfare expenses and accommodation.

After Trip
Submit an official trip claim form (research grant) with supporting documents - within 2 weeks after trip. The approval claims will be based on the approved category and amount. 
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