Organising Conference, Seminar, Workshop
and Symposium Related to R&D

Application for approval to organise events which require funding from UTAR (Type A)
must be submitted for RDCC and SMC consideration as follows:
  • International events: at least one (1) year before the event.
  • National/local events: at least six (6) months before the event. 
Procedure to request to host the Conference Website:
  1. Propose the URL domain name (shorter name -
    for your event (please state in your proposal/application form)
  2. IPSR will get an approval from VP RDC
  3. If approved, proceed to submit ICT Service Request in WEB2
  4. ITISC will assist to register the new URL, while SODEMC will provide you the
    login details
  5. You now can start to build the website on RVsitebuilder platform ( 
Souvenir Requisition:
PI/Applicant to submit Souvenir Requisition Form to IPSR after recommendation by
Dean/RC Chairperson.

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