Project Title The effectiveness of rail pads to mitigate noise and vibration transmission on rail application.
LocationSungai Long campus
Stipend RM2,800.00 
Education Level Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Engineering/Science in Mechanical Engineering   
Specific Skills / Knowledge Required Work independently, hard working   
Job Description  To categorize and test the dynamic properties and durability of viscoelastic rubber as a rail pad.
To determine the type of rubber/latex to be used as the rail pad through experimental tests and theoretical simulation
To determine the optimum property of viscoelastic plastic to be used as a rail pad for vibration mitigation.
To evaluate dynamic properties of the viscoelastic plastic on the influence of its properties, dimensions and boundary conditions for the rubber pad system.   
How to apply If you are interested, please contact Ts. Dr. King Yeong Jin via email at