Project Title Attractants that affect the host-searching pattern of insect parasitoids on oil palm bagworms
LocationKampar Campus
Stipend The candidate has to register for a Master by Research at UTAR and will be paid a monthly stipend of RM 1,600 - 2,000 in the first year and renewable in the second year, depending on the performance. Salary adjustment depends on the performance.
Education Level BSc (Honours) in a field related to biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, agriculture etc.
Specific Skills / Knowledge RequiredPreferred:
1. Chemical analysis (GCMS)
2. Microscopy (LM, SEM)
3. English proficiency in reading and writing.
4. Independent, self-motivated, enjoys lab and field works.

Job Description
Bagworms are one of the major pests in Malaysian oil palm plantations. Current agricultural practices, which mainly utilize chemical pesticides or microbial pathogens may create disturbance to the ecosystem function in the plantations as well as cause negative impact to human health. One way to promote a more sustainable and healthy crop management is to use natural enemies as an alternative to pesticides in the plantations. Natural enemies of the bagworms such as parasitoids are potential to be used to control their populations and prevent outbreaks. 

In this project, the candidate is required to learn: 
1. to identify the insect parasitoids of bagworms, 
2. to culture the parasitoids, 
3. to examine the insect parasitoids microscopically, 
4. to study the preference of the insect parasitoids of bagworms toward potential attractants in host-searching, and 
5. to analyze the volatiles
How to Apply If you are interested, please contact Dr. Wong Wey Lim at