Project Title Determination of iron reduction mechanism of silicate mineral by bacteria using surface, structural and chemical characterisation with linkage to transcriptome analysis
LocationSg Long Campus
StipendRM2,500.00 (T & C applies)
Education Level Bachelor of Science or Engineering/Master of Science or Engineering
Spesific Skills / Knowledge Required Hard work ethic, ability to deal with strict deadlines
Job DescriptionPhD student to conduct research on bioleaching of silicate minerals using bacteria. Student will conduct surface, structural and chemical characterisation on bioleached kaolin such as SEM-EDX, FTIR, XRD, IC and phenanthroline tests. This work is focused on determining the mechanism of Fe reduction in kaolin by Bacillus species through chemical, structural and surface analyses and to correlate the mechanism to gene expressions in the bacteria. Student also expected to work in bacteria cultivation, RNA isolation and quantitative real-time PCR and assist in bioinformatics analysis of bacterial transcriptome under bioleaching conditions. Elucidation of the mechanisms and pathways responsible will be able to serve as a catalyst in bioleaching or any process involving microorganisms to treat silicate minerals in the mining industry and subsequently the mining industry at large towards more sustainable mining ecosystem. For more info, please email Dr. Kuan Seng How at
How to ApplyIf you are interested, please contact Dr Kuan Seng How at