The UTAR Postdoctoral Research Scheme comprises of two categories:

  • UTAR Postdoctoral Research Scholarship (hereafter referred as UTAR PRS)
  • UTAR-Industry Postdoctoral Programme (hereafter referred as UTAR IPP)
For non-Malaysians (currently must be working at his/her home country), the conditions of attachment are subject to the prevailing rules, regulations and conditions enforced by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

How to Apply

Please send your completed

  1. Application Form; and
  2. Two (2) referee Form with supporting documents (via email) to Ms. Shahida (
  3. Attachment A (for International Applications only) - for full description of the supporting documents required
Application Procedure

  1. Application is open throughout the year.
  2. Invitation to apply may be advertised at the discretion of the Director IPSR
  3. Applications must be made through the stipulated form which can be downloaded from the UTAR website.
  4. Applicant Eligibility - Must possess a PhD degree relevant to the areas of interest of the University. The conferment of their PhD shall not be more than three (3) years prior to the application submission date.
  5. Applicant Eligibility - Have experience in carrying out research and have published in reviewed journals at either the national or international level. 
Other Forms/Guideline for PRS holder

  1. GD-IPSR-R&D-014 Guidelines
  2. UTAR PRS Progress Report Form
  3. UTAR PRS Final Report Form