MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2024

Application for MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2024 is now open!

Guideline and Application Form

Guidelines and Application Form:

Contact Person

Puan Zahrah (, ext. 848).                                                                           

Application Procedures

Applicant Submit the completed application documents to RC and Faculty in softcopy:
1. Application form (Comprised of Section A: Impact of Research Output, Section B: Knowledge Generation, Section C: Knowledge Dissemination, Section D: Research Project Proposal (MAKNA) and Declaration)-printed from online system
2. MAKNA Research Proposal together with the Turnitin or plagiarism report in a single PDF file format.
3. Institutional endorsement– to be signed by IPSR Director
4. FM-IPSR-R&D-066 Executive Summary
5. FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendation from Research Centre / Faculty
29 February 2024 (Thursday)
Faculty Submit the following documents to IPSR in softcopy:
1. Completed application documents
2. Completed FM-IPSR-R&D-066 Executive Summary
3. FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendation from Research Centre / Faculty (completed by RC and Faculty)
4. Two FM-IPSR-R&D-055 Institutional Screening Form – completed by 2 reviewers at Faculty level  
20 March 2024
IPSR 1. Coordinate applications
2. Email Institutional endorsement form (signed by IPSR Director) to the recommended applicants 
27 March 2024
Applicant Submit application online 28 - 31 March