Vacancy (Research Scholarship Scheme)

Project Title: Investigation on the utilization of power electronic devices in the new generation surge protection devices (SPDs)
Location: Sungai Long campus
Appointment Duration: 1 year
No. of Vacancy: 1 Master candidate
Stipend: RM2,200.00 per month (Full Tuition Fee Scholarship for candidate with CGPA: 3.5000 and above T&C applies;)
Education Level: Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Electronic or electrical related)
Specific Skills / Knowledge Required: Matlab simulation
Job Description: Investigation on the utilization of power electronic devices in the new generation surge protection devices (SPDs).

Analogue devices have great immunity behaviours against lightning strike or electronical surges. However, due to the vast advancement of switching technology, most devices nowadays are built in integrated circuit (IC) which exhibits low resistance against surge. Moreover, transformation from linear world into switching world has exposed electronic systems into multiple surges environment. Beside lightning surge, the surge may come from switching surge, capacitive discharge surge, etc that lead to difference kind of harmonic distortion or spike. The impact of climate change may be one of the factors where surge protection industry must take into considerations, increases power carrying capability of transmission line using HVDC, increase of lightning strike activities and its current strength triggered that the standard for surge protection in safe and hazardous area has to be revised.

Traditionally, surge protection devices (SPDs) available nowadays are based on the MOV, GDT or spark gap which exhibit some weaknesses such as cannot withstand multiple surges, slow response, etc. Due to vast technology improvement of power electronics area, to replace the conventional MOV and GDT with power devices such as MOSFET and IGBT seems possible due to its high switching performance, low energy loss and smaller in size. In current project, feasibility of power devices as a part of the surge protection system will be thoroughly investigated.

(i) To investigate the suitability of current IEC standard for lightning protection based on the Malaysia climate.
(ii) Simulation on surge generator based on 1.2/50 voltage and 8/20 current waveforms.
(iii) Failure mode analysis of surge protection devices based on MOV and GDT.
(iv) Assessment of the feasibility of power devices and its surge withstand characteristics.
How to apply: If you are interested, please contact Ts. Dr. Chew Kuew Wai via email at