Vacancy (Research Scholarship Scheme)

Project Title: A hierarchical framework for mitigating quality inspection process in labor intensive manufacturing environments to reduce overall cycle time
Location: Kampar campus
Appointment Duration: 1 year
No. of Vacancy: 1 Master candidate
Stipend: RM2,200.00 per month (Full Tuition Fee Scholarship for candidate with CGPA: 3.5000 and above T&C applies;)
Education Level: Bachelor in Engineering (preferably related to mechanical or manufacturing)
Specific Skills / Knowledge Required: Able to work independently
Job Description:
  1. The student is required to develop a design and implementation framework for a problem faced in a factory of study. The field work is based on a study of the factory, and simulation is used to aid in finding the solution. The solution is to be tested in the factory.
How to apply: If you are interested, please contact Dr Joshua A/L Jaya Prakash via email at