Available Vacancies


  1. To provide researchers of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) a platform to source students’ assistance in research work.
  2. To provide financial support and opportunity for students to be involved andnassist in research projects and thus enhancing their exposure and experience in research.
  1. Must be a full-time UTAR postgraduate Student (by research or mixed mode)
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Sungai Long Campus

Systematic elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of vasoreactivity mediated by spathulenol and nonacosane in rats
Principal Investigator - Prof. Dr Lam Sau Kuen
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E-cigarette smoking habits among Malaysian
Principal Investigator - Assoc. Prof. Dr Santhidran a/l Sinnappan
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Unsolved Problems in Combinatorics with Emphasis in Graph Theory
Principal Investigator - Prof. Dr Chia Gek Ling
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Game of Words: Integration of game-based learning in developing metacognition for ESP vocabulary acquisition
Principal Investigator - Dr Nadya Supian
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Integration of weak-resonant cavity Fabry-Perot laser diode in acoustic sensing based on laser dynamics behavior
Principal Investigator - Ts Dr Pua Chang Hong
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Investigation on the utilization of power electronic devices in the new generation surge protection devices (SPDs)
Principal Investigator - Ts. Dr. Chew Kuew Wai
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A Novel Bus Travel Time Variability Modeling with Mixed Autoregressive Model
Principal Investigator - Ir Dr Khoo Hooi Ling
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Modelling Homebuyer's Intention to Use Property Crowdfunding Platform as an Alternative Financing Option
Principal Investigator - Dr. Chin Hon Choong
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Research on high performance hybrid perovskite-organic solar cell on stretchable substrate with the band gap tunable to indoor and local spectral irradiances
Principal Investigator - Prof Dr Chong Kok Keong
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Developing an unsupervised machine learning algorithm for object discoveries to marine applications using unmanned aerial vehicles
Principal Investigator - Dr Jeeva Sathya Theesar Shanmugam
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Three dimensional antenna array as an enabling technology for 5G wireless networks.
Principal Investigator - Dr Gobi Vetharatnam
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Investigation of the association of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor inhibition with drug addiction
Principal Investigator - Dr Mok Siew Ying
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The role of IT-Enabled Service Innovations in Bridging Digital Divide: The Service-Dominant Logic Perspective
Principal Investigator - Cik Farah Waheeda Jalaludin
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Kampar Campus

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for flow/sediment interaction in rivers and coasts
Principal Investigator - Prof. Dr Akihiko Nakayama
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Computational study of hydrogen storage materials
Principal Investigator - Ts Dr Toh Pek Lan
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Network Coding in Device-to-Device (D2D) communication for 5G Systems
Principal Investigator - Dr Robithoh Annur
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Saving Climate or Jobs? The Impact of Renewable Transition on the Environment and Jobs in Malaysia.
Principal Investigator - Ms Lim Shiau Mooi
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Corporate Governance and FinTech Financing among Malaysia Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs)
Principal Investigator - Dr Zuriawati Zakaria
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