Professor Dr Georg IIIies
Professor of Mathematics at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics
PhD in Mathematics (University Munster),1997
Diploma in Mathematics (University Munster),1992
OTH (University of Applied Science) Regensburg (Germany)
Tel no. :
++ 49(0)941/ 943-1267
Fax no. :
++ 49(0)941/ 943-1426
Involvement with UTAR in academic & research

Contact Person:
  - Mr Lee Wai Kong
(Faculty of Information and Communication Technology)


2009 - Present

Professor for Mathematics at OTH (University of Applied Science

2003 -  2009

BSI (Federal Office for Information Security, Germany)

2000 2004

Postdoctoral researcher, University Siegen


Postdoctoral researcher, University Exeter (UK)


Postdoctoral researcher, IHES (Bures-sur-Yvette, France)


Postdoctoral researcher, University Aachen (Germany)


Teaching & Administration


  • Professor for mathematics at the OTH (University of Applied Sciences) Regensburg (Germany)
  • Vice Dean of the Faculty of  Computer Science and Mathematics


Teaching Interests


  • Number Theory
  • Algebra
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Cryptography
  • IT-Security


Research Interests


  • Number Theory
  • Cryptography


Publications & Presentations


  • G. Illies, M. Lochter, O. Stein: Chapter Cryptography, in Handbook of IT Law, CHBeck (2013)
  • G. Illies, M. Lochter, O. Stein: Official requirements for cryptographic algorithms, DuD 35, 807-811 (2011)
  • G. Illies, M. Lochter: Factorization of RSA numbers, <kes> Journal Information Security, 3/2011, 36-40
  • M. Gebhardt, G. Illies, W. Schindler: On the way to SHA-3, in: Safe Ways in the networked world, 11th German IT Security Congress, SecumediaVerlag 2009
  • M. Gebhardt, G. Illies, W. Schindler: Precise Probabilities for Hash Collisions (advanced), in A. Alkassar, J. Siekmann (ed.): Security 2008 GI, LNI 128, 111-125
  • G. Illies: Algorithms Catalogues in Germany - an overview, in Proceedings of the 18th SIT SmartCard Workshop, Darmstadt, 2008
  • M. Gebhardt, G. Illies, W. Schindler: Hash Collisions and Qualified Certificates, Informatik 2007: Computer Science meets Logistics, 34th annual meeting of the GI, Vol 2, 174-178, Bremen. 2007
  • G. Illies: The algorithms catalogue: Criteria and developments, <kes> Journal Information Security, 1/2007, 56-60
  • M. Gebhardt, G. Illies, W. Schindler: Precise Probabilities for hash collisions, NIST Cryptographic Hash Workshop, August 2006
  • G. Illies, U. Krieger, M. Lochter: New standards for elliptic curves, <kes> Journal Information Security, 1/2006, 56-60
  • G. Illies, W. Schindler: Collision attacks against hash functions, <kes> Journal Information Security, 5/2005, 58-61
  • M. Gebhardt, G. Illies, W. Schindler: A Note on the Practical Value of Single Hash Collisions for Special File Formats, NIST Cryptographic Hash Workshop, Gaithersburg, 2005 (also in J. Dittmann (ed.): Safety 2006, GI, LNI 77, 333-344)
  • G. Illies: Algorithms Catalogue 2005 - Requirements for signature algorithms and hash functions, in Proceedings of the 15th SIT SmartCard Workshop, Darmstadt, 2005



Professional Membership

  • Member of the DMV (German Mathematical Association)

  • Member of the IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research).