UTAR Global Research Network



Areas of Interest


The areas of interest shall be in line with the academic and R&D interests of UTAR which include but not limited to the following areas.


       Brain science

       Cancer research

       Nanoscience &Technology

       Natural products

       Molecular and cellular biology

       Ecology and biodiversity


       Plant Biotechnology

       Scientific computing

       Communication systems and networks

       Environmental science and technology

       Built environment

       Photonic Technology

       Vehicular technology

       VLSI and embedded systems

       Quantum computing  and quantum optics

       Signal processing and computer vision

       Artificial intelligence

       Software and database technologies


       Solar Energy Technology

       Bio-degradable polymers

       Mathematical sciences


       Chinese studies

       Psychology, Counseling

       Sociology, Anthropology, Gender studies,

       Political science

       Languages, Linguistics, Literature

       Asian and international studies




       Business strategy

       Human resource management