International Collaborative Partner of UTAR Global Research Network

Name Ir. Qua Hock Chye
Designation Consultant
Qualification M.Eng.Sc., University of Malaya, 1970.
B. Eng (Hons), University of Malaya, 1967.
Organization TNB Research
Email qhock.chye@gmail,com
Tel No. +6019-2201358
UTAR Contact Person Ts Dr Chew Kuew Wai,

  • Consultant, JLQ Enterprise, 1998 - present.
  • Technical Director, Profmetal Sdn Bhd, from 2008 - present.
  • In-house consultant & mentor for TNB Research, 2002 - present.
  • Consultant to insurance companies on forensic analysis.
  • Consultant to tin mining industries in Indonesia, 2004 - present.
  • Consultant to metal/foundry/casting industries, 1970s - present.
  • Senior Research Fellow, University of Malaya, 1999 to 2002.
  • Associate Professor in University of Malaya, 1985 to 1999.
  • Tutor, University of Malaya, 1967 to 1968.
Teaching Administration
  • Taught courses such as engineering drawing, hydraulics, strength of materials, mechanical design, wear & corrosion, fracture & fatigue at the University of Malaya from 1970 to 2002
  • Also supervised 4 Master's students during this period.
Research Interests
  • Fracture & fatigue; failure analysis.
  • Foundry technology.
  • Metallurgy of austenitic manganese steels and high chromium irons.
  • Heat treatment of steels.
  • Abrasive/erosive wear.
  • Corrosion under insulation of a very large, multi-layered roof.
Funded Research Projects
  • IRPA funded project on reverse technology, to produce local castings for automotive use, worth about RM 130,000 (1990s).
  • 2.5-year, RM 1.5 million project, funded by Sanko Industrial, to solve corrosion problems at the KLIA roof during fabrication (1999 to 2002).

Professional Membership
  • FIEM
  • P.Eng
Professional Activities
  • Past chaiman of two SIRIM Technical Committees, on Castings and on Lifting Devices respectively. Has produced a few Malaysian Standards.
  • Have been involved in IEM committees.
  • Have a very wide experience in the forensic analysis of engineering failures, covering mechanical, metallurgical and electrical equipment, and steel structures. Have more than 400 reports to my credit.
  • Am conducting professional courses on material related topics for industry.
  • Was expert witness on the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Sengkang train derailment in the 1990s.
  • Was the Independent consultant into the collapse of the Putra LRT Launcher in the 1990s.

Quarterly Activites
October - December 2018
  • Ir Qua has agreed to deliver his technical talk related to his consultations experiences. Tentatively on March 2019.
July - September 2018
  • Ir Qua supposed to deliver a technical talk on week 2 Sept 2018. However, due to busy exam period and lack of students during short trimestter. Ir Qua agreed to postponed the talk to Jan/Feb 2019.
April - June 2018
  • Ir Qua would deliver a technical talk on mid of July to share his working experience.
January - March 2018
  • Contacted Ir Qua recently and he agreed to deliver a technical talk to our students. Expected to be organized Jun 2018
October - December 2017
  • No contact for the past three months, however, Ir. Qua has earlier agreed to deliver a technical talk as his annual contribution to UTAR.
July - September 2017
  • One technical talk has been completed by Ir. Qua on July 2017. He agreed to serve this kind of talk as his annual activity and no charge is incured on his service.
April - June 2017
  • Delivered a technical talk on 21 July 2017. The title is: Reliability in Engineering. The venue is KB214 with total of about 80 students.
January - March 2017
  • Arranging for another technical talk on his consultation experiences. Tentatively, the technical talk will be schdule around Jun/ July 2017
October - December 2016
  • The appointment as UTAR ICP has been renewed for another two years. Have a short discussion with him on technical talk issue. He will deliver a technical talk at UTAR Sg. Long, tentatively March or april.
July - September 2016
  • No activity for the past three months. However, through the email, he agreed to make his technial talk as apart of his annual activity.
January - March 2016
  • Ir. Qua would deliver a technical talk with the title: APPLICATIONS OF FORENSIC METALLURGY on 22 March 2016 at KB214 from 2-4pm. Ir. Qua would meet with LKC FES staffs on experient sharing session to diversfy the staffs research area.
October - December 2015
  • Ir. Qua will deliver a technical talk about his consultations experience on Feb 2016.
July - September 2015
  • Contacted him via few emails.Initially he planed to deliver a technical talk at LKC FES, however, due to trimester break and short trimester where the number of students in the campus is less. Finally he agreed to postpond the talk to Trimester 1, 2016.
April - June 2015
  • Ir. Qua agreed to deliver a technical talk. However, due to recent relacation exercise, the talk is rescheduled to somewhere september.
January - March 2015
  • Ir. Qua agreed to deliver a technical. The topic and date yet to be fixed upon further discussion with Ir Qua.
October - December 2014
  • Continue arrangement with him on the technical talk matter.
July - September 2014
  • Arranging for his technical talk by end of this year or early next year.
April - June 2014
  • Ir. Qua is agreed to deliver a talk at FES. However, the details about the topic, time and date have to be further confirmed based on the availability of Ir. Qua. Topic yet to be confirmed.
January - March 2014
  • Based on the good feedback from the audience. We plan to invite him to deliver another seminar in the coming may/jun 2014.
October - December 2013
  • After receiving a good feedback from the Ir. Qua on his technical sharing session. We plan to organize another technical seminar year 2004 (to be confirmed)
July - September 2013
  • Ir. Qua has delivered a technical talk at FES with title: The Role of Professional Engineers in the Prevention of Engineering Failures
April - June 2013
  • Ir. Mr. Qua has agreed to deliver a technical at FES somewhere on July
January - March 2013
  • Send a request to Ir. Qua if he can deliver a talk to UTAR students/staffs. He agree to deliver a talk at UTAR Awaiting for the confirmed seminar topic to be delivered
October - December 2012
  • No outcome during these few months. General communication through email
July - September 2012
  • No outcome during these few months. General communication through email
April - June 2012
  • General communication through email
January - March 2012
  • Ir. Qua has retired and not much involvemnet in university matter, have a general discussion on the research matter
October - December 2011
  • Discussions on new project collaboration and possibility to apply for ERGS and FRGS funding.
January - March 2011
  • Book Chapters preparation meetings (January 2011) for a proposed book on Failure Analysis
October - December 2010
  • Book Chapters preparation meeting on 10 Dec 2010, proposed to write a book on Failure Analysis.
July - September 2010
  • Development of Multi-Agent system for palm oil fruit harvesting system - New proposal to Tan Chong for CSR commitment to the local vehicle society
  • Book Chapters preparation meeting - Proposed to write a book on Failure Analysis
  • April - June 2010
  • Final proposal draft to Tan Chong group, June 2010
  • Participant: Tan CS, Lee KY, Wong HM
  • First meeting for the book publication - Failure Analysis, July 2010, 2pm-4pm
  • Participant: Tan CS, Jacob Ooi, Wang X, Ho JH, Lee KY, Khaw CC
  • Nottingham collaborators are invited - Dr. Wong KC, Dr Raymond Yap
  • January - March 2010
  • Further investigation on another consultation works - Rowin Rail, Feb - Mar 2010,
  • Participant: Tan CS, Ho JH
  • Outcome: Provide consultation to boost the local fabrication capability for Electrical Train and the accessories.
  • Development of Multi-Agent system for palm oil fruit harvesting system, Jan - Mar 2010,
  • Participant: Tan CS, Lee KY, Wong HM, Wang Xin, Jacob Ooi
  • Outcome: New proposal to Tan Chong for CSR commitment to the local vehicle society
  • September 2009
  • Multiple meeting with ARAD, Apr – Sept 09, at UTAR and Tan Chong Segambut.
  • Participant: Dr. Lee KokYong, Dr. Wang Xin, Mr Wong Hong Mun, Dr. Tan CS
  • Outcome: Engage with ARAD, Tan Chong R&D arms in Portal Conversion works.
  • UMW Works, 9 Sept 2009, Setapak.
  • Participant: Tan CS.
  • Outcome: Failure Analysis in trailer structures
  • March - August 2009
  • Vehicle failure analysis and conversion works.
  • Participant: Dr. Lee KokYong, Dr. Wang Xin, Mr Wong Hong Mun, Dr. Tan CS