International Collaborative Partner of UTAR Global Research Network

Name Dr Liew Kian Wah
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification PhD (University of Malaya), 2013.
MSc (University of Malaya), 2004
BSc (National Taiwan Normal University), 1996
Organization The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Tel No. 016-2681018
Fax No. 03-8924 8016
UTAR Contact Person Dr Lee Min Cherng

Research Interests
  • Statistics with applications in finance, engineering and sciences.
Teaching Summary
  • Subjects taught in the past:
    • Various general mathematics units for biomedical sciences, physics, engineering and mathematics major.
    • More specialized subjects include: Financial Economics, Stochastic Processes, Financial Risk Management, Actuarial Modeling, Statistical Simulation, Fundamentals of Financial Mathematics, Applied Statistical Models.
Teaching Interests
  • Biomaterials and Biomechanics
  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Research Methods for Taught Postgraduate Students
Research Summary
  • Financial risk management
  • Interest rate model and derivatives pricing
  • Clustering
  • Probabilistic properties and statistical inference of some discrete distributions
Recent Publications
  • G. L. C. YAP and K. W. LIEW, 2015. Bandwidth selection method for bias-reduced log-periodogram estimator in decaying spectral density Journal of Scientific Research and Development. 2(10), 86-92
  • LIEW KIAN WAH and ONG SENG HUAT, 2012. Stochastic Orderings and Parameter Estimation for the Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta Distribution Malaysian Journal of Science. 31(2), 150-160
  • OMAR MOHD. RIJAL, NORLIZA MOHD. NOOR and LIEW KIAN WAH, 2005. Two-component Mixture Distributions For Measuring Area and Compactness of Intermetallic Formation From the Au-Al Wire Bonding Image WSEAS Transactions on Circuits and Systems. 4(9), 1085-1093
Past Research
  • Wire-bonding image processing

Quarterly Activites
October - December 2018
  •  Request ICP helps on QS Ranking survey
July - September 2018
  • Discussion on possible co-supervision of PhD student in data science.
April - June 2018
  • Invitation from Dr. Liew for Simon Marias Mathematics competition
  • Completed Joined supervisor for PhD student Mussa Juma
January - March 2018
  • The contact person reported that no activity for this quarter
July - September 2017
  • Research meeting with contact person at UM on 15 September 2017
April - June 2017
  • Report to follow
January - March 2017
  • No report received from contact person
October - December 2016
  • Supervising one PhD student
  • Applying PRGS grant
July - September 2016
  • Master student Viva Presentation: Dennis Foong Shee Heng
April - June 2016
  • There is no new updates from my side for this period. Most of the work are done in the year end, short semester.
January - March 2016
  • Proposal defence for Mussa Juma
  • Work Completion seminar for Mussa Juma