Small Grant of Environment & Green Technology 2019

The Small Grant for Environment and Green Technology Programme for the State of Selangor 2019 is now open.

The purpose of the programme is to increase the community awareness and understanding on the importance of preserving the environment and encouraging the use of green technology in the daily life of people living in Selangor.

The programme was also established to assist the organisation or association community to access the funding of innovative projects related to the initiative implementation or increasing the water conservation, waste management, energy conservation or planting of trees.


A. Organisation/ Association Must follow the terms and Conditions
  • 1. Not for profit based organisations or association
  • 2. Registered and based in Selangor
  • 3. Programme/project implementation in Selangor
  • 4. For the organisation/association not based in Selangor, the application will be reviewed if the programme/project are beneficial to the people of Selangor and do not contradict with any applications from the Selangor based organisations/ social communities.
B. The following items will not be considered for approval:
  • 1. Fully funded programmes/project by other institutions.
  • 2. Organisational administrative cost such as rental fees, utility bills, worker’s salary and transportation cost).
  • 3. Purchase of electronic gadgets such cell phones, laptops etc that are not contributing to the execution of the programmes/projects.
  • 4. Programmes/projects that have political motives, promoting alcohol, drugs and gambling activities.
  • 5. Funding individual to attend course and seminar/conference.
  • 6. Programmes/projects implemented outside Selangor.
  • 7. Programmes/projects that have been conducted prior to the grant’s approval.



Activities Implementation Total (RM)
Environment 5,000.00
Green Technology 10,000.00


Please submit to IPSR:
i. Proposal - (click here to download)
ii. FM-IPSR-R&D-066-Executive Summary - (click here to download)
iii. FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendation from Research Centre & Faculty - (click here to download)
iv. FM-IPSR-R&D-055-Institutional Screening - External Fund Application – evaluated by 2 panels at Faculty level (click here to download)
Due date to IPSR: 24 May 2019 (Friday)

Note: - Recommended applications by IPSR will be provided the online access and other required documents to proceed for submission to the funding body.
-Submission date to the funding body: by or before 31 May 2019 (Friday).

Contact Person

Cik Azahian Abdul Kadir, ext. 846