Nagao Natural Environment Foundation - Research Grant Programme


The Nagao Natural Environment Foundation Research Grant Programme is now open.

The Research Grant Programme financially supports academic and scientific research that will deepen knowledge of the nature conservation in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. With the aim of strengthening research capacity of young researchers in that region, grants are available only for individual researchers, but not for groups/teams, to enhance their skills, knowledge, and experience through their own research work.


  • Programme Guideline - click here to download
  • Instructions for Preparing Application - click here to download
  • Application form - click here to download
  • The details can also be found on the Sumitomo Foundation website:


    Please submit to IPSR:
    • Application form filled in and duly signed by the applicant in English
    • Email softcopy & send hardcopy to IPSR Sg Long. Note: Please carefully read the Programme Guideline and Instructions for Preparing Application. Application form Section 6 APPROVAL BY HEAD OF ORGANISATION – to be signed by President after evaluation by panels at IPSR level.
    • 1 letter of recommendation, free-form, in English from a person with an academic background. The recommender should be able to provide evaluation on PI's capability, knowledge, experience, etc. to conduct the proposed research from a supervisory point of view.
    • FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendation by RC and Faculty (click to download)
    • FM-IPSR-R&D-066-Executive Summary (click to download)

    Due date to IPSR (softcopy & hardcopy) – 14 September 2018 (Friday)
    Closing date of applications to NEF Japan - 16 October 2018 (Tuesday)


    Ms Banu, ext. 849
    Cik Azahian Abdul Kadir, ext. 846