MOHE Research Grant Scheme Phase 1/2018 (updates: TRGS Deadline to IPSR Extended)


1. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) application
2. Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS) application
3. Transdisplinary Research Grant Scheme (TRGS) application
4. Long-Term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS) application

Please update your profile in order to submit the application on MyGRANTS website ( ---> please click log masuk or log in button).

Guidelines and Format

Please refer the latest guidelines for further details:
FRGS Guidelines (Link here)
PRGS Guidelines (Link here)
TRGS Guidelines (Link here)
LRGS Guidelines (Link here)


Hardcopy of the following documents to be submitted to IPSR:
i. FM-IPSR-R&D-066-Executive Summary (click here to download)
ii. FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendation from Research Centre & Faculty (click here to download)
iii. FRGS/PRGS/TRGS/LRGS Application Form (printed from MyGRANTS)

All of the above documents MUST reach IPSR by:
1. PRGS - 2 February 2018 (Friday)
2. TRGS - 9 March 2018 (Friday)
3. LRGS - 28 February 2018 (Wednesday)
4. FRGS - 9 March 2018 (Friday)

Please change the online application status from 'draft' to 'completed' on MyGRANTS before submission deadline of each scheme (refer above).
Applications received after the due date will not be processed.

Contact Person

Ms Banu, ext. 848
Cik Azahian Abdul Kadir, ext. 846
Mr Abdullah Munir Roslan, ext. 849