MERCK 350 Research Grants 2018


In celebrating its 350th anniversary, Merck offers a series of research grants to stimulate innovative research in challenging areas of future importance. Grants will be available for the following research areas:

  • Healthy Lives/Drug Discovery: Next game-changing molecule or technology to cure cancer or autoimmune disease
  • Life Reimagined/Synthetic Biology: Next generation production technology for biologics and revolutionizing microbiome research
  • Digitalization/Computing: Application of deep learning or quantum computing for in-silico research
  • Materials & Solutions: Next generation of intelligent materials or advances in the field of surface chemistry or atomic layer processes.


Merck intends to provide research grants of up to EUR 350,000 per year for 3 years in several topic areas.

Top submitters will be invited to a Deep Dive workshop to further advance the proposals together with Merck scientists. The deep dive workshop will include decision on grant recipients. Merck will cover all travel and accommodation costs. Furthermore, grant winners may gain access to meaningful collaborations within Merck and all the resources and connections that this allows.


Researchers from around the world may apply for the grants.
The research proposed for the grant must not:
  • involve interventional clinical research
  • involve the testing of competitors' products


Please submit to IPSR:
  • Application form filled in and duly signed by the applicant
    Email softcopy ( & send hardcopy to IPSR Sg Long.
    Application form will be processed for President's consent before submission to the funding body.
  • FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendation by RC and Faculty (click to download)
  • FM-IPSR-R&D-066-Executive Summary (click to download)
Due date to IPSR (softcopy & hardcopy) – 3 August 2018 (Friday)
Closing Date of applications to the funding body - 16 August 2018 (Thursday)


Cik Azahian Abdul Kadir, ext. 846