MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2018


MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2018 is now open.
The award is open to young Malaysian scientists below 40 years of age who are pursuing cancer research. It is awarded annually to research proposals selected by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.
All applications should be submitted online through Top Research Scientist Malaysia (TRSM) database at
Click here to view application guidelines:


A. Registration

i. Register at
ii. Create username & password
iii. Choose Type of User as "Awards, Grants, Research Fellowship & Membership"
iv. Enter verification code & click submit
iv. Verify email.

B. Log in

i. Choose application type (funding) ---> MAKNA Cancer Research Award
ii. Fill up the online details/information
iii. Download form at ---> Section D: Research Project Proposal (Only for MAKNA Cancer Research Award Applicants)
iv. Download Attachment 3 institutional endorsement form at Declaration Section (bottom of page) – to be signed by IPSR.

C. Submission to IPSR

Please submit the application form by 30 August 2018 (Thursday) or earlier to IPSR.

Documents to be submitted in one (1) set of hardcopy (click to download):

i. Online application form (Export to PDF and printed from the website);
ii. Research project proposal;
iii. Institutional endorsement form;
iv. FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendations form from Research Centre & Faculty; and
v. FM-IPSR-R&D-066-Executive Summary.


For further enquiries, kindly contact IPSR Sg Long:
i. Encik Abdullah Munir bin Roslan,; Ext 849
ii. Cik Azahian binti Abdul Kadir;; Ext 846