Collaborative Research Programme (CRP) 2018


Collaborative Research Programme (CRP) - ICGEB Research Grants 2018 is now open.
The programme provides support for research projects in:

  • Basic Life Sciences
  • Human and Animal Healthcare
  • Industrial & Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Bioenergy
The new updated form and related guidelines can be downloaded from the website at the following link:

The dedicated web page "how to write an ICGEB grant" (available at: prospective applicants will find some tips and suggestions on how to prepare their proposal for submission to ICGEB. The funding body will anyway be very pleased to reply to any queries.

ICGEB Guidelines: View here

Deadline for the submission to IPSR

Please the following documents to IPSR
Deadline : 15 March 2018 (Wednesday)

Contact Person

Ms Banu, ext. 848
Cik Azahian Abdul Kadir, ext. 846