ICT Virtual Organization of ASEAN Institutes and NICT (ASEAN IVO)

ASEAN IVO Forum 2018 will be held on 27 Nov 2018 tentatively in Jakarta, Indonesia (hosted by The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Indonesia & Telkom University (Tel-U), Indonesia)

ASEAN IVO Forum 2018 will provide a place for all ASEAN IVO members to exchange ideas, discuss R&D topics and coordinate projects. As one of the member of ASEAN IVO, UTAR can apply for the ASEAN IVO Forum 2018 as they are currently accepting abstracts for presentations.


The topics of this year are connected to ICT for a Secure and Sustainable Future. As the population grows and becomes more urbanized, there is a massive increase in material needs and environmental impact as well as demand for a digital infrastructure to support people's lifestyles and communication. As society and economy digitize, the ICT solutions for supporting people's lifestyles require greater computational power and the energy demands increase. This in turn produces a greater demand on the environment.

As all these needs are interconnected, we need to look for sustainable and mutually complementing ICT solutions in each of these areas. Projects would ideally have a strong outlook to conduct a demonstration by the final year of the project. Proposals from all technical fields are welcome and they will be evaluated on the potential benefit of output.

1) ICT Solutions from Farm to Meal

As food is a common need of all people, ensuring food security (i.e. food availability and regional self-sufficiency) is a key concern for every country. The focus of this topic is for ICT applications providing specific solutions to food security issues in the ASEAN region, specifically the development of applications and integrated systems for R&D in all fields addressing food availability, from environment and agriculture through the supply chain to consumption and waste management.

Keywords: IoT Application, Climate Smart Agriculture, Disease Management, Pandemic Influenza, Waste and Pollution Management

2) ICT for Environment Protection and Disaster Prevention

As an important issue in human society, environment monitoring and protection will once again be a focus in this call. Today, natural disasters are occurring more frequently and with increasing intensity. Also, as well as for disaster prevention and response, environment monitoring is key for stable infrastructure, for example space environment monitoring for ICT satellite positioning, affecting transport and agriculture. In this topic, we are not only focusing on land, but also on coastal resources as well as space and atmospheric monitoring. This topic does not only focus on technologies, but also applications and integrated systems for R&D.

Keywords: Mangrove, Sea Grass, Coastal Resource Mapping, Disaster Mitigation, Assessment and Conservation, Rainforest Protection, Space Environment Monitoring, Environment Protection

3) Secure and Sustainable Connected Society

With the internationalization and regionalization of ASEAN, we are facing many difficulties such as environmental noises, cultural differences and social adaptation. Additionally, with rapid urbanization, cities face a variety of risks, concerns, and problems. The unprecedented rate of urban growth creates an urgency to finding smarter ways to manage the accompanying challenges. There are several technologies addressing these challenges including blockchain to secure transactions, and artificial intelligence for language processing as well as various smart city applications. As these technologies develop to address the needs of a connected society, they also come with new issues. This topic is a challenging one which does not only focus on technologies, but also applications and integrated systems, including development of useable applications in real-life context.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Multilingual Speech and Language Processing, Real-life Context Application, Environment Adaptation, Speech Enhancement, Blockchain, Smart City, Administrative Cost, Digital Economy, Digital Identification, Energy efficiency, Sustainability


(1) The Steering Committee of ASEAN IVO will evaluate each submission for technical merit and other relevant factors. In some cases, modifications may be recommended.
(2) In principle, two speakers from each country are selected for presentation under NICT's travel and accommodation support after the submission has passed the evaluation.
If a speaker is recommended by the Steering Committee and will pay their own expenses, they are also welcome to give a presentation.
(3) Approved presentations will be published on the ASEAN IVO website.
(4) Presentation speakers are expected to cooperate with NICT for administrative procedures.


Please submit to IPSR:
i. ASEAN IVO Forum 2018 – Abstract Submission and Registration Form
Email softcopy (azahian@utar.edu.my) & send hardcopy to IPSR Sg Long.
- The ASEAN IVO Forum 2018 - Call for Presentations and application form is as attached. The details can also be found on the website: https://www.nict.go.jp/en/asean_ivo/2018_Call_for_Presentations.html
- Please carefully read the Call for Presentations, fill the Submission and Registration Form if you are interested to apply for it.
- NICT can provide the round trip flight ticket at discount economy class and hotel accommodation for speakers of all presentations selected for support.

ii. FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendations form from Research Centre & Faculty

iii. FM-IPSR-R&D-066-Executive Summary.

Due date to IPSR (softcopy & hardcopy) – 28 September 2018 (Friday)
Closing Date of abstract submission & Forum registration - 15 October 2018 (Monday)


For further enquiries, kindly contact IPSR Sg Long:

i. Cik Azahian binti Abdul Kadir (Email : azahian@utar.edu.my ;03-9086 0288 Ext 846)
ii. Ms Banu (Email : banu@utar.edu.my ;03-9086 0288 Ext 848)