UTAR Global Research Network


The UTAR Global Research Network is a network that links academics, researchers, scientists and technologists at the forefront of research and technology development who aspire to be or already involved or associated with the education and research activities of UTAR.


To be the premier avenue for the formation of research relationship and collaboration among academics, researchers and technologists with aim of knowledge creation and technology innovation.


Among the goals of the UTAR Global Research Network are as follows:
  • To link up prominent academics, scientists, researchers and technologists such that research relationships and collaboration can be created and further enhanced.
  • To facilitate UTAR academics and researchers to set up various types of academic and research relationships (e.g. joint research, advice and consultancy, postgraduate supervision, etc.) with prominent academics, researchers and technologists worldwide.
  • To leverage on the expertise and experience of the members of the UTAR Global Research Network to enhance the scale and standard of UTAR's academic and research activities, and thus be part of Brain Gain initiative of Malaysia.
  • To assist UTAR in forming strategic partnerships with other established education and research institutions worldwide