With the increasing awareness and hard work demonstrated by UTAR academics, the university is confident of further growth in terms of the number of publications accepted in Scopus in the years to come.

The cumulative total publications (Article, Review, Conference Paper, Book Chapter, Data paper and Book) accepted in Scopus increased from 4,557 in 2019 to 5,204 in 2020. Figure 8 below indicates the progress shown by UTAR researchers at UTAR from year 2002 until 2020.

The citations for articles (indexed in Scopus) were 13,831 in 2020 compared to 11,246 in 2019. The cumulative citations was 45,073 in 2019 and rose to 58,904 in 2020 as shown in Figure 9 below.

Figure 8: UTAR Publication (SCOPUS)

Figure 9: UTAR Citation (SCOPUS)

The publications produced by UTAR academic staff in the year 2020 can be referred to in