Recognising the importance and critical role of R&D and Innovation for a country’s well-being and economic growth, UTAR has emphasised on R&D and Innovation as one of the focused areas. Since its establishment in 2002, UTAR has created the necessary ecosystem to inculcate the culture of research among its community, by introducing UTAR Research Roadmap, UTAR Research Fund policy, UTAR Global Research Network, establishment of Research Centres and the emphasis on research collaborations with local industry partners and renowned institutions.

Currently, there are 34 research centres in UTAR to spearhead R&D activities from various disciplines, involving more than 1,300 academic staff. With continuous support from the management and dedication of the researchers, UTAR has strong research teams in the field of Renewable Energy, Stem Cell, Cybersecurity, Smart Agriculture, Wastewater Treatment, Cancer Research, E-Commerce, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Behavioural Science, Plant Physiology, Chinese Studies, Construction Management, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sensor Research.

This R&D Annual Report attempts to showcase the University’s efforts and achievements in high impact R&D projects, Research Publications, Research Collaborations, activities by UTAR Research Centres, Consultancies and Awards received. It represents the research portfolio of UTAR, and the effort by the University in creating new talents through R&D and Innovation. It is UTAR’s aim to be a global university of educational excellence with transformative societal impact.

“Intellectual Pursuit through Sustainable Research”

Professor Ts Dr Faidz bin Abd Rahman
Vice President R&D and Commercialisation