UTAR Research Fund (UTARRF) is an internal research grant scheme designed to provide seed funding to support UTAR researchers and students in implementing research projects and research related activities.

UTARRF was established in 2005 with an initial amount of RM1 million allocated per annum. The allocation is intended to serve as seed fund to kick-start implementation of projects with good potential. This amount was subsequently increased to RM3 million in year 2010.

The University management further increased the annual allocation for UTARRF to RM5 million for each year of 2011 till 2014, RM6.25 million for 2015 and subsequently to RM5.52 million for 2019. It enables additional and larger scale projects to be initiated as well as boost research & development activities geared towards realizing the goal to transform UTAR into a research intensive university.

As of 31 December 2019, the accumulated UTARRF amount allocated is RM57.3 million (Figure 1).

Figure 1: UTAR Research Fund total cumulative allocation per year in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

The University, guided by stringent and careful grant approval procedures, had initially approved a funding amount of RM516,500 in 2006. The amount continued to register growth in the years following with a total of RM7.06 million awarded in 2019.

As of 31 December 2019, the accumulated UTARRF amount awarded is RM62.5 million (Figure 2).

From the RM7.06 million that was approved in 2019, a total of RM3.55 million was awarded for 119 research projects in UTARRF Cycle 1 and 2/2019. The breakdown of the awarded UTARRF projects by Faculties/Institute is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 2: Total cumulative amount awarded under UTAR Research Fund in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

Figure 3: Number of UTARRF projects awarded to Faculties in year 2019

A special allocation was also set aside for academics’ and students’ research related activities, schemes and policies. A total of RM3,325,581.95 funding was approved for the purpose. These activities include the following:

  1. Malaysian Brain Bee Challenge (MBBC)
  2. 3rd International Symposium on Green & Sustainable Technology 2019 (ISGST 2019)
  3. 9th International Traditional and Complementary Medicine (INTRACOM)
  4. 2nd Biennial Medicine & Health Sciences Conference 2019
  5. GHF Education Innovation Regional Exchange
  6. FSc & FEGT Postgraduate Colloquium 2019
  7. 15th International Conference on Information Security Practice and Experience (ISPEC 2019)
  8.  International Conference on Sustainable Energy & Green Technology 2019 (SEGT 2019)
  9. Workshop on Sleep Disorders of Institutionalised Elderly and Healthy Aging Theme: The importance of Sleep Quality for Healthy Aging
  10. MIFT 11th National Food Science & Technology Competition 2019 1
  11. Local Herbs Day III: Herbs for better health
  12. KEY Fiesta
  13. CMS One-Day Research Seminar 2019
  14. UTAR-De Zhou University, China Collaborative Symposium
  15. Case Study Presentation Competition on Retirement Planning
  16. Zhang Fuyuan Postpartum Rehabilitation & Lower Limb Joint Skill Training Course
  17. CES Forum on Housing Market, Employment and Home ownership Current and Future
  18. Agriculture Technology Seminar Series XVIII
  19. Symposium on Science Education 2019 (SoSE 2019)
  20. UTAR R&D Colloquium 2019
  21. AS-Malaysia Academic Two-Day Symposium 2019
  22. Wellness Seminar
  23. CAP Research Seminar 2019
  24. FICT Postgraduate Colloquium 2019
  25. 7th International Conference on Business, Accounting, Finance and Economics (BAFE) 2019 with the theme “Managing Uncertainties through Resilience”
  26.  Workshop on Polypharmacy and methods to overcome problems concerning medication errors among the elderly
  27. CMS Research Sharing Seminar 2019
  28. Historical Sources and Fieldwork: Conference on Datuk Gong Studies 史料与田野调查:拿督公研究研讨会.
  29. When the Wind of the Sinophone Blows: 2019 Penang Cultural and History Camp
  30. 3rd Joint UTAR-UST (Taiwan) Symposium in Stem Cell and Cancer Research
  31. 7th Asian Architecture & Urbanism International Workshop
  32. 2nd Seminar on the Twin Parks Cooperation between Malaysia and China & Belt and Road Initiative Forum 2019
  33. Research Proposal Writing Workshop
  34. The 3rd Conference on the Chinese Religions
  35. Seminar on Common Childhood Haematological Malignancies
  36. Workshop on Asian Chinese Children Literature and Culture Studies
  37. Wellness Seminar
  38. 1st UTAR University-Industry Linkage Day
  39.  The Production of Durian and Its Value-Adds for Export
  40. Brainstorming Session of UTAR R&D Roadmap 2020-2024
  41. Growing crops/ fruit trees in UTAR Agriculture Park
  42. Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) Research Forum
  43. LKC FES Postgraduate Colloquium 2019
  44. Yeh’s Soft Manipulation Training Course
  45. OWSD PhD Regional Workshop and Re-launch of the OWSD Malaysia National Chapter