External Funding Report

Experienced UTAR researchers are well-recognised for their research work. Since 2005, they have secured external funding in projects. Figure 4 shows the amount of external fundings received (funding in UTAR) by our researchers as well as their collaboration with other organisations (funding not in UTAR) from years 2005 until 2017.

Figure 4: Funding in UTAR and Funding not in UTAR for Year 2005 - 2017*
*Note: The funding amount is reflected in the original year the funding is approved, not in the actual disbursement year.
In year 2017, a total amount of RM4.57 million was secured by the researchers (funding in UTAR) from external funding sources listed in Chart 1. UTAR researchers had also actively collaborated with other organisations/institutions (funding not in UTAR) in numerous external funded research projects amounting to a total of RM1.66 million. The funding organisations/institutions are shown in Chart 2.

Chart 1: Funding in UTAR for 2017

Chart 2: Funding not in UTAR for 2017