Centre for Railway Infrastructure and Engineering (CRIE)

Centre Info

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Andy Chit Tan
Centre Description:

China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative which encompasses South East Asia, Asia and nations all the way to Europe is already drawing enormous attention in the region and abroad. This connectivity and cooperation between those countries will be a major step forward in terms of trade, cultural and scientific exchanges. The Trans-Asia-Railway (TAR) project is planned to connect Singapore all the way to Istanbul and beyond, with a distance of over 14,080 km of rail tracks is already on track. In respond to this, Malaysia has embarked on the initiative of introduction the high speed railway (HSR) from Singapore across peninsular Malaysia. As such an opportunity has arises on the formation of a research center to promote interdisciplinary research in railway infrastructure, engineering and socio-economics; and railway engineering related courses and services. This will also serve the ongoing rail transport operation in Malaysia, such as KTM, LRT and the new MRT.
The centre was formally established on 1 July 2017.

  • Conduct interdisciplinary research in railway infrastructure, traction power, transport, signal control, railway structure design, maintenance and condition monitoring, railway asset management, socio-economics issues, materials for vibration/noise control, and sustainable energy and environmental issues.
  • To collaborate with local and overseas institutions to promote the above research activities and services; and
  • To conduct short courses and training in relevant subjects and to contribute to accredited formal courses related to railway engineering

Vision and Mission

To be a leading research centre in innovative railway technology to support sustainable transportation with care for our community and environment.

We are committed to achieving the following,

  1. Promoting excellent research and development on railway infrastructure and engineering.
  2. Providing engineering solutions to enhance the growth of railway industry.
  3. Supporting the community on social, economic and environmental issues.