Centre for Power Systems and Electricity (CPSE)

Centre Info

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Lim Yun Seng
Centre Description:

Electricity is an indisputably essential commodity for the individuals to operate their electrical and electronic devices for their daily activities. The effectiveness, reliability, safety, quality as well as the cost of supplying electricity to the users are very important aspects because of their significant impacts on the social-economic growth and the security of a country. Therefore, the design, construction and operation of the power systems become one of the most complicated engineering tasks in the world. Power system refers to a vast number of electrical facilities with large capacities spreading across the country. It consists of power plants, power substations, transmission networks, distribution networks and the points of energy consumption. Electricity is generated, stepped up and transported over a great distance through the transmission and distribution networks before it is stepped down for the users. To ensure that the power system can perform well at all times with the right costs, power system engineers and researchers have to carry out a wide range of technical and commercial studies to evaluate the performance of individual equipment, the overall power system as well as the interconnection systems with the neighbouring countries.

Research Area:
  • Power Systems
    • Power System Control
    • Power System Transient & Stability
    • Power System Protection
    • Power Electronics
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Electrical Machines & Drives
  • Power Economics & Energy Policies
  • Smart Grid System
    • Strategy & Planning
    • Infrastructures
    • Demand Response
    • Sensors & Advanced Metering
    • Power Generation and Delivery
    • Energy Storage & Distributed Generators
    • Renewable Energy Integration System