Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

Centre Info

Chairperson: Ms Er Pek Hoon, Winnie
Centre Description:

The Centre for Learning and Teaching aims to cultivate and promote research and scholarship in the area of Learning and Teaching. Its objectives are:

  • To act as a national and international centre of excellence in learning and teaching
  • To conduct research and scholarly activities related to learning and teaching.
  • To bridge research collaborations and consultancy services related to learning and teaching both nationally and internationally
  • To foster excellence and innovation in education both nationally and internationally.

The mission of CLT is the provision of a platform for research and scholarly activities and producing excellent researchers in the fields of learning and teaching across disciplines

Research Area:
  • Cross-country study on Awareness and Use of Open Educational Resources
  • Cross-country Impact Study on the UNESCO Resources and Correspondence Trainings
  • Motivations of Police Volunteer Reserve (PVR) in Perak, Malaysia
  • Punishment and Intervention: The experiences of drug offenders in Bentong Prison, Pahang¬†
  • The Effect of Conceptualisable Agents on Passivisation Unaccusative Errors by Chinese ESL Learners
  • Modelling Technology Acceptance: Maximise The Use Of ICT For Self-Paced Learning Among UTAR Students
  • Exploring Madness in its Place: An Ecofeminist Reading of Selected Women’s Writings
  • Nation Building Through Literature: A Case Study Of The Malaysian Secondary School Literature Components
  • Undergraduate ESL Students' Academic Writing Needs and Difficulties: Students' And Instructors' Perspectives
  • Semiotics in Environmental Awareness Campaign as a Medium of Communication in Postmodern Era
  • Framing the Chinese education in mainstream and online media in Malaysia
  • The Use of Technological Content Knowledge (TPACK) in Enhancing Teachers' Confidence level and Students' Proficiency in Secondaty Schools in Perak
  • Institutionalizing Service-Learning in a Higher Learning Institution: A Case Study of UTAR
  • Modelling Teachers’ Usage of FROG Virtual Learning Environment: The Role of User Participation and Psychological Ownership in an Extended Technology Acceptance Model
  • Conceptualizing Teaching Excellence in Higher Education in the 21st Century
  • Evaluation of Closing the gap after Workshop on An Effective Facilitator's Secret Recipe
  • School-readiness of Generation Alpha.