Centre for Environment and Green Technology (CEGT)

Centre Info

Chairperson: Dr. Ong Kok Seng
Centre Description: The current environmental development and trend have clearly indicated a strong demand for research and development in environment and green technology. The Centre for Environment and Green Technology (CEGT) was established with a main objective to tap the vast opportunities in environment and green technology and to develop a strong local expertise to meet the challenges and demand in the years ahead. The main focus of the R&D in CEGT is to spearhead multi-disciplinary research and development in green technology involving concerted effort and collaboration across disciplines and faculties in UTAR.
Research Area: To facilitate research activities in CEGT, six (6) research groups have been set up as follows:
  • Power generation and delivery
  • Renewable energy and Energy efficiency
  • Green materials
  • Green building
  • Environmental technology
  • Water & waste water treatment