Centre for Cancer Research (CCR)

Centre Info

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Lim Yang Mooi
Centre Description: Cancer research can cover a wide spectrum of research areas. Pathogenesis of cancer has long been accepted as a multi-factorial and multi-step process. In fundamental cancer research, studies on elucidating the mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression and metastasis remain the major emphasis in basic cancer research. Genetic and, more recently, epigenetic factors of cancer are being investigated, which may lead to the development of biomarkers for early cancer detection. Meanwhile, translational cancer research studies put emphasis on clinical applications of basic research findings. Development of therapeutic strategies leading to clinical protocols for cancer treatment is a major thrust of translational cancer research. In this respect, development of viable cellular or in vitro working models for systematic drug or natural product screening is also an important research direction.

The Center for Cancer Research (CCR) at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University Tunku Abdul Rahman, aims to provide state-of-the-art facilities and develop integrated research programmes for fundamental and translational cancer research in Malaysia. The key areas of research will encompass early cancer detection, prognostic monitoring and development of therapeutic strategies for cancer treatment. With the availability of the latest research instrumentation, facilities, cutting-edge technical platforms and concepts, the Centre for Cancer Research will strive to become a prominent cancer research hub in Malaysia.
Research Area:
  • Creation and applications of cancer models
  • Development of molecular strategies for early  
  • diagnosis and prognosis of cancers
  • Molecular and cellular biology of cancer cells
  • Identification and application of anti-cancer phytochemicals from herbal plants
  • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomy
  • Nutrigenomic study
  • Network pharmacology
  • System biology
  • Alternative medicine in cancer management