The Secret Garden of Plant Science

The Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) of Kampar Campus successfully organised a talk titled “The Secret Garden of Plant Science” by Assoc Prof Dr Wong Hann Ling from the Department of Biological Science parked under the Faculty of Science (FSc). The talk was held on 22 February 2017 at Kampar Campus.

He shared stories of his journeys seeking new discoveries in botany, attracting the participants’ attention with fascinating pictures of the exotic places he visited abroad for his botanical researches. “All these researches brought me to various places such as Japan, Europe, America and other Asian countries. They were interesting experiences,” he stated. He encouraged the participants to take interest in and consider venturing into plant science, mentioning that, “It has helped me to gain cultural experiences as well.”

Dr Wong has spent 20 years researching plants. Among the topics discussed were transgenic and genetically modified organisms, the process of how plants flower, and the immune response and disease resistance of plants. He further elucidated that plant scientists contribute to the alleviation of hunger by developing plants that are drought or stress tolerant, require less fertiliser or water, resistant to pathogens and are more nutritious.

He also introduced some promising new technology which will change the future for the better, the ongoing projects in UTAR he is involved in, and some local places like Sekinchan and Pulai and their products such as rice and palm oil. He further deliberated on some of the agricultural problems typically found in these sectors and the solutions for them.

Dr Wong delivering his talk