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Stairs Climbing Campaign at Sungai Long Campus 2016
The "UTAR Stairs Climbing Campaign at Sungai Long Campus" was organised in February 2016, with the aim to encourage students and staff to take the stairs instead of using the lifts. The reasons are: i) to promote campus health by encouraging increase physical activities and raise awareness of non-communicable diseases, ii) to reduce the lift congestion at KB Block UTAR Sungai Long Campus and iii) to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint of UTAR.

Posters Competition for Stairs Climbing Campaign 2016
The "UTAR Stairs Climbing Campaign for Poster Competition" was organised to raise awareness of the benefits of the stairs climbing, here are the winners of the poster competition. Here are some posters submitted by students.

"Stairs Climbing Competition" - KB Block - 9th June 2016.

Winners 2016 - female category

Winners 2016 - male category

Competitors and student helpers

Promoting increase physical activities for Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (FMHS) 2016
To promote increasing physical activities for FMHS, weekly after work activites was organised for the staff on voluntary basis.
A day trip to Sekinchan to promote friendship and to distress from busy work. This was well received and enjoyed by the staff who went. It was suggested that the activity should be organised in 2017. 

Seminar: "Diagnosing and Managing Haemoglobin Disorders"
On 18 April 2016, Centre of Research for Non-Communicable Diseases (CRNCD) organised a talk on "Diagnosing and Managing Haemoglobin Disorders", delivered by Professor Dr Swee Lay Thein, Chief of Sickle Cell Branch from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A.
A total of 121 staff and students attended the talk, this included 84 students and 8 lecturers of Biomedical Science Department from Kampar Campus and 3 lecturers from UPM Pathology Department.
It was a highly stimulating talk followed by many stimulating questions.

Professor Dr SK Cheong (Right) delivering a token of appreciation to Professor Dr SL Thein

Group photo during the closing ceremony (from Right): Professor Dr Shelly Soo (Chairperson of CRNCD), Professor Dr Swee Lay Thein, Emeritus Professor Dr Cheong Soon Keng (Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)

Seminar: "Diabetes and Heart failure"
In Celebration of International Pathology Day, CRNCD collaborated with the College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine, Malaysia in organising a seminar on "Diabetes and Heart Failure Seminar" on 15th November 2016
• Title: "Diabetes and Heart failure: Can I help, Sweet Heart?" Professor Dr. Chim C. Lang Division of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, Medical Research Institute, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School, Dundee United Kingdom
• Title: "Mesenchymal stem cells for intractable heart failure and critical limb ischaemia" Dr Chin Sze Piaw Consultant Cardiologist Cytopeutics Sdn Bhd
• Slide show: Internal Pathology Day” Emeritus Professor Dr. Cheong Soon Keng President of College of Pathologists Academy of Medicine, Malaysia Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, UTAR Malaysia

A total of 88 staff and students attended the talk, which stimulated interesting discussion of the treatment of heart failure, diabetic ischaemic foot with stem cells and other novel drug treatment.

Prof Dr Shelly Soo introduced Prof CC Lang from the UK

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