Centre for Chinese Studies Research

Centre Name: Centre for Chinese Studies Research
Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wong Wun Bin
Description of Centre: Chinese culture has its great breadth and depth in the wisdom and experience accumulated in China for thousands of years. Chinese studies that is established as an academic discipline as a result covers philosophy, history, language, literature, science, art and other related fields. In multiethnic Malaysia, Chinese studies for adaptation and survival takes on a significant aspect of research on the Chinese and their culture across ethnicities. With globalization and the rapid growth of China in its transition, China’s current politics, economics, culture and education are also of research interest internationally. In the age of complexity and speed in change, the Centre for Chinese Studies was set up in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman for members who would like to delve into traditional Chinese culture, the local Chinese, and contemporary China. Besides academic research, the centre assumes the roles of promoting Chinese culture and arts, infusing the local and the innovative, and engaging international exchange.  

Research Area:
  • Chinese Malaysian and Culture
  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • Sinology
  • Contemporary China
  • Chinese Arts Research
  • Min-nan Culture