As we journey through another year, it is my pleasure to pen this foreword for the UTAR R&D Annual Report 2015.

Since UTAR's establishment, every step taken has been a process of learning and growing that has brought forth improvement in various areas. I am indeed pleased to witness the continuous success in research and development. These progressive steps will be the thrust in helping the university achieve greater heights in research and development.

With the Sungai Long Campus beginning its operations in June 2015, I am also delighted to see an increase in the number of student and R&D activities. The consolidation of our Klang Valley campuses has enabled the university to strategise and focus on its vision to be a global university with societal impact. Our strength in the research and development reflects the commitment of the university towards excellence in education and research.

To-date, UTAR's growth is further proven with having more than 25,000 students and an alumni base of more than 43,000. Continuing its global collaborations with more than 200 local and foreign partners, staff and students are able to gain greater access to knowledge and network with foreign partners for information exchange.

It is with pleasure that I present to you the following highlights in the UTAR R&D Annual Report 2015:

Showcasing the excellence of our staff and postgraduate students are the following achievements:

The highlights above are just a few of the many accomplishments that UTAR has achieved. With these successes, UTAR is set to aspire further towards more collaboration in research and development especially joint research projects with the industry.

The university's plan to set up a new hospital in Kampar has brought much excitement among both staff and students. The hospital is planned to have facilities for research, teaching, and training for our medical and health science students. As we also hold true to our principle - By the People, For the People, the hospital also aims to provide quality medical services to the people, in ensuring the community is cared for.

There will be challenges in the years ahead, but our determination will not falter because we are able to learn from it. Challenges will improve our students and staff, and enabling them to be recognized leaders in their field of study. This determination will be the motivation for us to continuously reach greater excellence in the R&D projects.

With warm regards,
Ir. Prof. Academician Dato. Dr.Chuah Hean Teik