UTAR Research Fund Projects


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As a first step to encourage research activities among academic staff, UTAR established UTAR Research Fund (UTARRF) as an internal research grant scheme designed to provide seed funding to support UTAR researchers particularly those who are in the embryonic stages of building up their experience to secure external research grants.

The application for UTARRF has been currently scheduled as follow:


No Project Leader Title  of Project Amount Awarded Duration Status
1 Prof. Dato' Dr Goh Sing Yau Electroencephalogram (EEG)-based brain computer interface for communication and control of a prosthetic hand, Arm and other devices  RM5,000.00 24 December 2005 ~ 27 December 2007 Completed
2 Dr Alan Ong  Han Kiat  Development of specific DNA markers for species identification, sex typing of birds and hybrid testing RM5,000.00 24 December 2005 ~ 23 December 2006 Completed
3 Dr Lim Yun Seng Computer analysis of 3-phase 4-wire low voltage (LV) distribution network integrated with single-phase renewable sources and modern equipment  RM5,000.00 24 December 2005 ~ 23 May 2007 Completed
4 Dr Wang Chan Chin Develop Metal Flow Simulator for The Precision Forging of Car Components  RM5,000.00 15 December 2005~ 14 Jun 2007 Completed