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CREST R&D Grant Cycle 2016


Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (CREST) Center has announced the opening of application for CREST R&D Grant Cycle 1/2016 to researchers from the institutions of higher learning and the industries. The grant is intended to drive new technology development and innovation of products and solutions for the intended market.

Applications will be processed based on 2 cycles. Schedule is as follows:



Due date of submission to IPSR

Due date of submission to CREST


31 Jan 2016

29 Feb 2016


31 July 2016

31 August 2016


Guidelines & Application form  CREST website:

Basic Terms & Conditions for Cycle 1/2016
1. Research project involves at least one company pairing with at least one university.

2. At least one of the universities involved must be located in Malaysia.

3. Companies involved must be registered in Malaysia.

4. Companies involved must not be owned by the university.

5. Either project lead or principal investigator must be Malaysian citizen. In the event the project lead and principal investigator is the same person, he/she must be Malaysian citizen.

6. Full-time post-graduate student researchers and full-time post-doctorate researchers whose tuition fees and/or allowance are paid by CREST R&D Grant must be Malaysian citizen.

7. Students involved in the research project (regardless of whether allowance/tuition fee is paid by CREST Grant) shall not be the project lead.

8. Approved funded research duration corresponds to research scope. Maximum approved duration is not more than 3 years.

9. Company contribution is at least 50% of total research project budget.

10. Any equipment and software purchased under CREST R&D Grant is owned by CREST.

11. Each approved research project is obligated to meet stated deliverable obligation (see below).

12. Project funded by CREST R&D Grant must not share any of its deliverables to meet other grant obligation (except for university’s contribution for student allowance).

All applications must be:
1. Assessed and recommended by the respective Research Centre; and
2. Recommended by Faculty before the submission to IPSR.

Both forms are available at UTAR Research Portal >>>

Documents to be submitted in one (1) set of hardcopy and softcopy (Email):

i. CREST R&D Project-Application-Form-Rev 5
ii. Budget (Excel spreadsheet);
iii. Executive Summary
iv. Support letter by Academia R&D APPLICATION 001;
v. Support letter by Industry R&D APPLICATION 002; and
vi. Recommendation form from Research Centre & Faculty.

Contact person in IPSR:
Azahian: Ext 846
Banu : Ext 848