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MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2022

MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2022 is now open. Application is open to all Malaysian citizens with a basic degree below 40 years of age, residing in Malaysia and interested in cancer research. Students who are pursuing their postgraduate degrees are encouraged to apply. 

Click here to view application guidelines: MAKNA 2022 Application Guidelines

Contact Person: Puan Zahrah binti M. Razak ( ext. 848
Application Procedure
A. Procedure

  1. The research proposal may be downloaded from the ASM Awards and Recognition system at
  2. Application with the wrong or outdated research proposal will not be accepted;
  3. Any resubmission from previous application should be revised and updated. 
  4. A Turnitin or any plagiarism report must be submitted with the application. 
  5. All required information should be stated clearly and concisely. 
  6. The complete application documents comprised of the followings:
    • Completed Application Form (Comprised of Section A: Knowledge Generation, Section B: Knowledge Dissemination and Section C: Impact of Research Output);
    • Compilation of complete and updated MAKNA Research Proposal and as well as Turnitin or plagiarism report in one (1) pdf file; and
    • Recent institutional endorsement form
B. Submission Timeline
  1. Applicant (dateline 4 March 2022)

  2. Faculty (dateline 11 March 2022)

  3. IPSR (dateline 25 March 2022)
    • Provide nomination of 2 reviewers per application to IPSR (to ensure the nominees are consent to review the application)
    • Inform applicant upon recommendation of application

  4. Applicant (dateline 31 March 2022)