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MTSF Science & Technology Research Grant

MTSF Science & Technology Research Grant Application 2022 is now open
1. Guidelines - click here
2. Application form - click here

MTSF website:

1. Kindly read and comprehend the “Information & Online Submission Guide” before the submission.

2. Please use attached application form wherein particulars of recommending University/Institutions has been completed. Type your name under “I hereby recommend [your name]” (page 1).

3. The application form should be typed and named/saved in the given standard format: Science & Technology Research Grant-Name of Main Researcher-University/Institution-Year of Application (STRG-muniandy-UTAR-2022)

Deadline of Submission: 31 March 2022

**Upon notification from IPSR, the applicant is required to submit the endorsed application form online at
Applicant is required to ensure the application form is saved in the given standard format prior to the submission.
Contact Person: Ms Zahrah: Ext 848
Application Procedure:
Applicant (to submit to Faculty before 24 March 2022)
  1. Check and understand the criteria and terms of the application.
  2. Fill up Application Form
  3. Save the Application Form in the given standard format
  4. Submit the following forms to RC and Faculty in softcopy:
  1. Submit the following forms to IPSR in softcopy:
  2. Provide nomination of 2 reviewers per application to IPSR (to ensure the nominees are consent to review the application)