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MTSF Science Education Award 2021

Application for Science Education Award 2021 is now open
1. Guidelines - click here
2. Application form - click here

MTSF website:

1. Please use attached application form wherein particulars of recommending University/Institutions has been completed. Type your name under “I hereby recommend [your name]” (p.g 1).
2. The application form (attached) should be typed and named/saved in the given standard format: SEA-kairuddin-Penang-2021.

Deadline of Submission: 30 April 2021

**Upon notification from IPSR, the applicant is required to submit the endorsed application form online at
Contact Person: Ms Banu: Ext 848
Application Procedure:
Documents to be submitted in one (1) set of softcopy (word format) to IPSR:
  1. MTSF Science Education Award form & Enclosures
  2. FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendations Form from Research Centre & Faculty