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MRC Industry Linkage Fund

Application for MRC Industry Linkage Fund
The MRC Industry Linkage Fund is a funding programme for the Malaysian rubber products industry to collaborate with universities and research institutions on research projects that will contribute to development of rubber industry in Malaysia in the following areas:

a) Increase exports of rubber products and domestic consumption of rubber products produced in Malaysia;
b) Increase consumption of rubber (raw and waste/reclaimed) in new products development; or
c) Facilitate the manufacturing process of rubber products.

The focus of the programme will be on projects that have the potential to improve competitiveness of Malaysian rubber products in the global market. Priority areas and products for research are as follows:

  • Latex based products
  • Dry rubber products
  • Automation and process improvement
  • Application of rubber in infrastructure and construction
  • Solid waste reclamation/management
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Green and sustainable technology
  • Energy Saving
  • Advanced manufacturing

Applicants are only required to submit a "Preliminary Proposal" or a research brief prior to submitting a "Full Proposal". Submission of "Preliminary Proposal" is via the MRC ILF online system. All research projects are required to have an industry collaborator to be eligible for the funding. The project leader is required to identify an industry partner and specify the role of the industry partner in the application.

More information:

Research proposal can be submitted throughout the year. Please refer to the Guidelines ruled out by MRC before proceed with the proposal submission.
Deadline of Submission: Application is open throughout the year
Contact Person: Please notify IPSR upon online submission of preliminary proposal.
IPSR contact person: Puan Zahrah
Email address:
(Contactable through MTeams)
Application Procedure:
Please refer to the Guidelines here